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22nd-27th March 2004

Show handbillFor sheer entertainment value, Me and My Girl delivers the goods with enough glorious singing, groaning puns and tap-happy dancers to captivate theatregoers of all ages.

The show features plenty of hummable songs, including the showstopper “The Lambeth Walk”, gorgeous costumes and some wonderful dance routines.  Book now and prepare yourself for a night of dazzling entertainment

Set in 1930’s England, Cockney jokester Bill Snibson is discovered to be the long-lost heir to the Hareford fortune.  He’ll collect if he can convince the snobbies that he can cut the mustard, but good-time Bill is more likely to cut a rug in this hilarious look at a lowbrow import into high society.

The tuneful musical score comes from Noel Gay with books and lyrics by L. Arthur Rose and Douglas Furber and a current revision by Stephen Fry. This happy musical opened at the Adelphi Theatre in London in December 1937 where it became the longest running musical of the 30’s. The “Lambeth Walk” became one of the great dance sensations of the war both in England and America. Me and My Girl was revived in London in 1984 with Robert Lindsay and Emma Thompson as the leads and subsequently taken on by Gary Wilmot.

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Song List

Act One

1.Overture (Instrumental)
2.A Weekend At Hareford
3.Thinking of No One But Me
4.The Family Solicitor
5.Me and My Girl
6.An English Gentleman
7.An English Gentleman (Reprise)
8.You Would, If Could
9.Hold My Hand
10.The Family Solicitor (1st Reprise)
11.Once You Lose Your Heart
12.The Preparation Fugue (Instrumental)
13.The Lambeth Walk

Act Two

14.Entr'acte (Instrumental)
15.The Sun Has Got His Hat On
16.Take it on the Chin
17.The Family Solicitor (2nd Reprise)
18.Song Of Hareford
19.Once You Lose Your Heart (Reprise)
20.Love Makes the World Go 'Round
21.Leaning on a Lamppost
22.Lambeth Ballet (Instrumental)
23.Finale: Love Makes the World Go 'Round / Me and My Girl (Reprises)
24.Curtain Call: The Lambeth Walk (Reprise)
Leaning On A Lamppost (Reprise)
The Lambeth Walk (Reprise)


Bill Snibson is perfectly happy making his living as a Lambeth costermonger, but his simple life is turned upside down when it emerges that he is the missing Earl of Hareford.

Having been tracked down by Parchester, the family solicitor, he makes his first visit to Hareford Hall, his new family home, accompanied by his pretty girlfriend, Sally. There, he meets the Duchess, Sir John, Lady Jacqueline, the Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke and all his other newly discovered aristocratic relations who, of course, are horrified by his cockney accent and jolly antics.

Over time, the family have to swallow their pride and attempt to teach Bill how to become 'posh', trying to make him adopt the airs and graces of the gentry. They also try to separate him from his girlfriend, Sally - one cockney in the family is quite enough, thank you very much!

Lady Jacqueline, in particular, is keen so split the pair up since she breaks off her engagement to Gerald and sets her sight on the new Lord Hareford or, more accurately, his newly acquired fortune. This process creates chaos of the most comical kind as the hilarious characters of the family try various ways of changing Bill's 'working class' ways.

Sally, tough, feels more and more out of place, and eventually decides to leave Hareford Hall and return to Lambeth, allowing Bill to get on with his new life. Bill, of course, has other ideas and is determined to get her back.

Will Bill become a suitable new Lord Hareford? Will he be able to change, and fit in with country life? And what about his relationship with Sally - will they be able to fight the pressures to split up, and will love conquer all in the end...?